Upcoming Posts: “What to do When…”


  • Your car runs through the local hair salon
  • An angry woman butts you
  • Feeling below average in a star-studded world
  • Failure meets you during morning coffee
  • Alzheimer’s creates a comedian out of your dad
  • A close friend becomes your worst enemy
  • When Mom gets stuck beside the bed
  • The day Darrell fought back
  • Miss Perfect shows up at the grocery store
  • God is missing
  • The reputation you gained is also the one you lost
  • Living in an igloo seems fun
  • You’re NOT racist
  • The gardner overhears a delicate conversation
  • Dying seems better than living
  • Mom lost her teeth
  • The horse poops in your parade

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Posts: “What to do When…”

  1. I have to admit looking at the titles I am very intrigued. I know the ones that sound humorous must be true. ‘I’ll take ” When mom gets stuck beside the bed” for $500.00’.

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